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       Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
                                           SALES POLICY
It is very important that our goats go to caring, loving homes. We will do our best to match you with a goat that best suits your needs (show, pet, milk production). We do require that you already have goats or you purchase two or more goats. They do not do well as single pets as they are herd animals and require a lot of social group activity. 

A $50.00 deposit is required to hold a goat of your choice. Full payment is required upon pick up or prior to shipping. If the animal is not picked up within 10 days of the set pickup date the deposit and animal will be forfeited by the purchaser unless other arrangements are made.

A $25.00 deposit is required to hold a kid from a planned breeding. This will be applied to the total cost of the kid. The deposit will be returned if the desired kid is not produced or in the case of injury or death. You may apply it to a different breeding if you so choose. Full payment is required prior to picking up or shipment of the kid.

If shipping is required, health certificates, crates and shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser. A transportation fee to the airport may apply.

We at Rising Echos reserve the right to refuse sale of any goat for any reason whether a deposit has been made or not. Deposits with be refunded in full if it is Rising Echos decision not to follow through with a sale.

Our kids and adult goats are healthy prior to leaving our farm. No refunds will be given if the animal becomes ill once in your possession. We will however, do everything possible to direct you in the necessary care for the animal. We want your experience and our goats to both be happy.

All kids are vaccinated for CD&T at 3 and 6 weeks of age. Adults are vaccinated annually and all the goats are routinely wormed and given MuSe vitamin/mineral injections.

PLEASE, PLEASE read up on the care and special needs of these goats if you have never owned goats before. They are very easy to care for but do require routine care such as hoof trimming, routine veterinary care, grooming and proper housing and feeding. If you plan to purchase a wether (neutered buck) proper feeding is VERY important to their urinary tract health. They are prone to urinary calculi which, if cause an obstruction, can be fatal to the goat. 

We accept cash, certified bank checks and personal checks (these must clear prior to picking up the goat or receiving registration papers)

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