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(we did not take any of our milk does 2012 or 2013 and were unable to attend in 2014

Poppy Patch RC Pixie Dancer is a Lovely doe.  With fabulous capacity to her udder. She's gentle and very easy to milk. 
Pixie was chosen Grand Champion and best udder in the 2yr old senior class at the NEWDGA in Spokane WA June 2010 under judge Cathy Pindell & Reserve Grand Champion and best udder under judge Pat Hendrickson.    (RETIRED FROM BREEDING)
2011 Pixie received reserve grand champion at both the Stanwood NWABGC (judge Joe Kimmel) and Spokane NEWDGA (judge Patricia Walker) shows.
Sire: Twin Creeks Rebel W/O A Cause (Twin Creeks BH Bay Watch/GCH Gay-Mor's JJU Nonpareil 1*M)
Dam: Poppy Patch FM Ginger Rogers (Ponders End The Full Monty/Suger Creek's PG Jane Seymour)

Poppy Patch RC Minuet is my little shadow. She follows me everywhere and talks all the way.  Her teats are nice sized w/ large orifaces and she is very easy to milk. Minuet always produces nicer kids than herself which is a plus for my breeding program, not to mention she is a good little milk producer.
Sire: Twin Creeks Rebel W/O a Cause (Twin Creeks BH Bay Watch/GCH Gay-Mor's JJU Nonpareil 1*M)
Dam: Poppy Patch FM Ginger Rogers (Ponders End The Full Monty/Sugar Creek's PG Jane Seymour)


Sugar Creeks Xtra Pennies is a beauty. She offers compact size with nice dairy character along with good udder capacity and shape. She could, however have better teat placement. I feel so lucky to have been able to add this girl to the herd. Thank you Cheryl Sugar.
Pennies comes from proven lines and she has already produced some lovely does which I have retained in my herd. 
2011 Pennies placed 1st in the 4yr old doe class at the Stanwood NWABGC 
1st place at the Western WA state fair in Puyallup & Reserve Grand Champion over all under judge Jean Lucas.
2nd Place 5 to 7 yr old does at the 2012 Salem NWODGA under judge Scott Bice

Sire: Velvet Acres RB Tuscan Sun (MK Rabbah MR/Inavale Vienna)
Dam: Sugar Creeks MP Penny Pincher 1*M AR2005 La 2007 (Ponders End MTB Money Pit/Sugar Creek's MT Nat)


                        1st Freshening                                                                             1st Freshening
Rising Echos HC Miss Fortune Missy was abandoned by her mother at 2 weeks of age and bottle raised from that point. She came to work with me daily so she could be fed and has multiple mothers who cared for her there. She was for sale early on as I knew I would get extra attached to her but as I watched her grow, I noticed she was really starting to lengthen out and excel in dairy character.  So.....thought I would wait and see how she did at the 2013 Stanwood ADGA show and needless to say I was glad I held on to her.
She took 1st place in her class and junior grandchampion overall under judge Cody Darst.
Was holding my breath to see how she would freshen and I could not be happier.
Sire: Rising Echos LB Hot Chocolate
Dam: Rising Echos Million Dolr Baby

 Rising Echos LB Smokn Hot Cinnamon  I like the way this girl is put together. She is a very petite doe and freshened with a nice first freshener udder. As a 3 year old now in 2015 this doe continues to impress me although I would like to see a more defined medial suspensory ligament. 

She placed 1st in the yearly milk class at the 2013 Stanwood show under judge Cody Darst
Sire: Camanna AC Little Boy Blue (Alethia CRC Cooper/Camanna RHB Blue Delilah)
Dam: Rising Echos BO Cinnamon Dolce (Poppy Patch BW Boomerang/Sugarcreeks Xtra Pennies) 

                                                Rising Echos MS Ava
Ava did us proud at the 2013 Washington State (Puyallup) Fair as the Junior Grand Champion. The turn out was large with over 43 junior does. She is the product of what we have worked so hard to produce at our farm. I am very excited to see how this girl and the other Mr Sandman daughters do in the 2014 milk classes.
Sire: Rising Echos Mr Sandman (Camanna AC Little Boy Blue/Poppy Patch RC Pixie Dancer)
Dam: Rising Echos LB Nancy Marie (Camanna AC Little Boy Blue/Rising Echos Million Dolr Baby)

                                                                Poppy Patch HB Brie
We took this doe on lease from Shannon at Poppy Patch Farm and decided to add her to our herd permanently. Brie is the daughter of my Pixie and Minuet's full sister Kitty Foyle. She freshened for the first time this year (2015) at 3 years old with twins and a nice udder with large teats and a soft, easy to milk udder.
Sire: Algedi Farm MB Honeymoon Bay (AGS twin creeks/BW Montego Bay ++*B/SGCH AGS Rosasharn's UMT Tupelo Honey)
Dam: Poppy Patch RC Kitty Foyle (AGS twin creeks Rebel W/O A Cause/Poppy Patch FM Ginger Rogers)

Poppy Patch BTO Bella Blue
Bella is a sweetheart and has some very nice genetics behind her. Thank you Shannon for allowing me to add her to the herd. Bella is 7 years old this year and her udder is still holding up nicely and well attached.
She placed 1st in the 5 year and older milk class at the 2013 Stanwood ADGA show and reserve grandchampion under judge Cody Darst
Bella placed 1st place in the 4 yr old class at the 2010 Stanwood Dairy Goat show (RETIRED FROM BREEDING)

Sire: Poppy Patch BT Bowtie Optional (Copper Penny Black Tie Affair/Twin Creeks WB Embraceable)
Dam: CH Poppy Patch FM Betty Boop (Ponders End The Full Monty/Esperanza RF Felicity)

Rising Echos BO Limerick This little girl was up for sale when she was a junior with lots of interest but no takers. I pulled her from the sales list and after a few weeks noticed she had really started to mature into a long, level and nicely angled doeling. She freshened in 2011 with a very nice, tight udder.
2010 Limerick took second place to Lucky Louise under judge Chuck Pedersen in her junior class at the SWWDGA in Chehalis WA   SOLD     Thank you Janice and family
2011 she took 1st place in the yearling milker class at the Western Wa state fair in Puyallup under judge Jean Lucas.
:Poppy Patch BW Boomerang (Poppy Patch FM Billy Whiskers/Poppy Patch Reb's Roxie)
Dam: Poppy Patch RC Minuet (TwinCreeks Rebel W/O A Cause/Poppy Patch FM Ginger Rogers) 


Rising Echos Riddle This little beauty is taking after her dam. Riddle won 1st place in her junior intermediate class and reserve grand champion at the 2012 Western WA Fair out of over 40 junior does.  
Sire: Rising Echos Taylor's Landing (Rising Echos BO Million Dolr Baby/Rising Echos BE Lil Luv Shack)
Dam: Rising Echos BO Limerick (Poppy Patch BW Boomerang/Poppy Patch RC Minuet) SOLD thank you Amanda


Rising Echos LB Nancy Marie I have always loved this doeling's dam Millie. Thankfully, Nancy Marie has her dams beautiful head and face and I'm very pleased with her overall structure. She won 2nd place to Riddle in a large intermediate junior doeling class at the 2012 Western WA fair. 
Sire: Camanna AC Little Boy Blue (Alethia CRC Cooper/Camanna RHB Blue Delilah)
Dam: Rising Echos BO Million Dolr Baby (Poppy Patch BW Boomerang/SugarCreek Xtra Pennies)


Rising Echos PI Painted Jewel  Jewel has the straight legs, length in body and dairy character important to my breeding plan. She has the added bonus of beautiful blue eyes from her mom and quite the Picasso body paint!!! She freshened with a fabulous udder too!
Jewel won 1st place in her junior class and Reserve Junior Grand Champion at the 2010 Western WA fair (Puyallup) under judge Peter Snyder.
2011 Jewel placed 2nd to Millie in the yearling milk class under judge Kay Kimmel at the NWABGC

Sire:Poppy Patch SF Picasso (Sugar Creek's FR Silverfish/Twin Creeks WB embraceable)
Dam: Poppy Patch BTO Bella Blue (Poppy Patch BT Bowtie Optional/CH AGS Poppy Patch FM Betty Boop)

Rising Echos GM La Luna This little girl was born 1/4 past midnight with a quarter moon mark above her left eye. I'm hoping for a nice udder on this girl as she is developing nicely so far. The judges loved all of her spots at the Stanwood ADGA show. She took 1st place in her class over Cinnamon Dolce.
SOLD thank you Hope and Tracy
Sire: Rising Echos BO G'Day Mate (Poppy Patch BW Boomerang/Poppy Patch RC Pixie Dancer)
Dam: Rising Echos PI Painted Jewel (Poppy Patch SF Picasso/Poppy Patch BTO Bella Blue)




















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